Featured work

I work with national and regional bodies, public and private service providers, and charities. I help people to think deeply about what matters, to respond well when things go wrong, and to change institutions for the better.

The selected articles on this page indicate the range of my consultancy work. Please look at my About page for further information on my current leadership roles and past experience.

For national bodies

My work with national organisations includes ethical advice and guidance, support for organisations to restore their trustworthiness during crises, commissioned research and patient safety initiatives. I have developed ethical guidance for medical Royal Colleges,  including the Royal College of Surgeons’ Acting on Concerns and Duty of Candour.  In policing, I was a member of the Operation Talla Independent Ethics Committee, which advised the National Police Chiefs Council on ethical issues arising from policing during the pandemic and am now a member of the National Police Ethics Committee. in 2018 I led a major review of workplace culture for Save the Children UK, working with my regular collaborator Murray Anderson Wallace. I chaired the review of surgical ‘never events’ for NHS England that resulted in the introduction in 2015 of National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures across England and Wales. I have carried out research into medical leadership for the General Medical Council, and into patient experience for organisations including Royal College of Emergency Medicine, National VoicesHelp the Hospices, and Compassion in Dying. 

For individuals

I no longer work one to one with individuals but I continue to give invited lectures and masterclasses on moral injury and the philosophy and practices of moral repair. I developed an approach called ‘restorative review’ which offered individuals an opportunity to explore the powerful moral stories that are told when things go wrong, and examine the emotions (such as shame, anger, regret, sorrow, mistrust and fear) that accompanied them. The articles in this section are based on my research into experiences of moral injury, and people’s experiences of restorative review.