photo of Suzanne Shale

At some time in our lives, all of us rely on people who work in healthcare to take responsibility for meeting our needs. My work is about what makes it possible to trust them, and how to rebuild trust when it breaks down.

I enjoy an international reputation for my research, particularly in the field of organisational ethics and clinical leadership. I tell the story of  what medical leaders do about difficult moral problems in my book Moral Leadership in Medicine. I studied moral leadership in the UK National Health Service, but medical leaders around the world find they face similar moral troubles and moral tensions.

My delight in solving real world problems is the reason I chose to work as an ethics consultant, rather than continue a purely academic career.

Using insights from my own and others’ research I now help organisations live up to their moral obligations. I lead working groups and strategic development projects, write evidence-based guidance, undertake confidential inquiries, and provide education and training. I find out what people are thinking through research commissions and public consultations. Increasingly, I collaborate with creative artists to open up new ways to talk about tough topics.

I also work one-to-one with people in the aftermath of medical harm and professional difficulties. I have developed an approach I call Restorative Review, which takes seriously the need to have moral conversations about the things that go wrong in healthcare settings.

Endlessly curious, I have a unique range of knowledge and expertise. You can find out more about what I do on my Clear Focus page, and some of what I have produced on my Clear Ideas page

My association with the University of Oxford began when I was appointed to a Fellowship in Law at New College. I maintain links with the university as a Supernumerary Fellow of Harris Manchester College and an Ethox Research Associate. More information about my career, including my work with The Health Foundation and Healthtalkonline can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

I only undertake projects if I think I can offer real insight and make a difference to the quality of care that professionals provide. But I am also willing to try the untried, and have a go at rescuing lost causes. I like to talk through ideas at an early stage, and am more than happy to help formulate aims for working together.