“Thought provoking & fascinating” book

Surreal image, woman with many hatsI was delighted when Dr. Paul Lambden – GP and author of ‘Medicine for Managers’ in Roy Lilley’s provocative nhsManagers.net e-newsletter – volunteered to review my book Moral Leadership in Medicine.

As well as being a GP Dr Lambden is a medico-legal advisor, and he chairs the Ethics Committee of the British Osteopathic Association. So I was especially interested to read his response to my work. “As someone whose role involves consideration of conduct, ethical activity, morality and fiduciary duty much of the time, I found the book thought provoking and fascinating…The book bridges the gap between fundamental principles and the fine detail of individual moral and ethical issues and how they change and evolve…[T]he effort of reading it is well worthwhile and quite enthralling and I commend it.”

My book is based on interviews with NHS medical directors. If you think your organisation could learn from my research and their wisdom, do get in touch

Image: I Wear Many Hats by Patty Maher via flickr CC: by 2,0